Toilet for Family Health

04 Jan 2019

One of STBM activity in announcing healthy life for people in Asmat

#AsmatHealthyProgram – Clean and healthy behavior is an effort to maintain the health of individuals and families, so that individuals or families as early as possible can strive or minimize the spread of infectious diseases, such as cooking water before drinking, disposing of garbage in its place, washing hands before eating and defecating big not carelessly. Regarding the pattern of open defecation, Wahana Visi Indonesia in collaboration with the Agats Diocese and the Asmat District Health Office conducted a Community Based Total Sanitation (STBM) triggering in Damen village, Sirets District.

The activity of STBM was held on December 4, 2018, at Damen Catholic Church, facilitated by the Asmat District Health Office which involved religious leaders, community leaders, youth leaders, and health cadres.

The participants were very enthusiastic about the activities. They learn about the good environment and how make life become more healthy. At the end of the STBM activity, the participants were realized that they were doing wrong in their daily life.

“I was realized that we have been eating our own feces since long days. The flies are alighting at the feces when we are eating the food. It is the same as we eat our own feces,” said Albertus, one of participant told about what he got on the workshop.

Based on the fact, the participant and the communities want to change the situation. 18 of 42 participants has agreed and committed to making their own toilet. Until now, there are 11 households who continue the progress and 5 households has been using their toilet.

All materials of the toilet are using local materials. The interesting thing about the toilet progress is family involvement. The fathers are cutting the wood and board, while children and the mothers are weaving midrib leaves.

“Just because I saw Mr. Markus has been collecting the raw materials for making a toilet so that I asked my wife to do the same thing. I will cut the wood from the forest and collaborate with my wife in making roof and wall for the toilet,” said other participants, Kasmirius.

After the toilet of Kasmirius has done, he admitted the happiness of having a toilet.

“We feel happy to use the toilet. It makes us safe, comfort and no more bad smells in our environment,” he added his statement.

Written by: Solfriamus Dasman (Development Facilitator/Health Officer Program Asmat Sehat)

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